Friday, June 10, 2022

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Monday, June 6, 2022

All your data has been hacked and copied to my servers. Instructions inside

I got bad info just for you.

A few months ago I got access to your personal systems.
After that, I started tracking your activities.

I installed a Virus on the operating systems of all devices that you use to access the net.
This program offers me entry to all your devices.

I've uploaded all of your information, pics, and searching history to my machines.
I just got connection to all of your files, communication messengers, social networking, contact information, email and so on.

My virus up-dates fingerprints and is unseen to ant-virus applications.
While gathering information about you, I found that you are a big fan of grown-up websites and are also watching intriguing clips while going through so much pleasure.

I was able to record several of your filthy moments when you jack off & achieve male orgasms.

In case you have any doubts, I am able to generate a couple of clicks and all videos are going to be revealed to everybody you know.

And also I can publish all your letters, personal pictures, and all your secret information on the net.

I could wreck your status permanently.

I do think you actually don't wish this to occur, given the nature of the videos you like to view, you know what I mean, it will be a true tragedy for you.

Now let's solve that by doing this: you send me 1100 $ (in btc equivalent to the exchange price during the time of transfer), and I will immediately erase everything.
After that, we will ignore each other.

I additionally promise to disconnect & remove all viruses from your systems.

Remember that I usually keep my own word.
This is my btc address: bc1qt36r2usyrjtp69kfk7z7u56wzsgyurk2nrj203

You have 2 working days as soon as you open this e-mail.

If you do not forward funds, your videos and all your details will be posted on the web for all individuals as well as your loved ones.
I will ruin your good reputation forever.

Do not search for me and do not contact the authorities and other help, or else your data will be published.

I am aware of many insider secrets about who you are, so in case your status is valuable, bear in mind that I am able to wreck it forever.